My Fantabulous 40s!

In a couple of days the calender turns to 2012 and so begins the year that I turn 40. FORTY? What? Seriously? Are you crazy? I am no where near 40. I am still 8 years old, sitting on my bedroom floor playing with my barbies. All my toys are stuffed under my bed, inside my kitchen play set and in my closet because Momma told me to clean my room. So there is absolutely no way that I can have grey hairs in places I didn't know turned grey or an almost 15 year old son who most of the time thinks I have no clue about anything in the world. And a husband? What? I got grounded for taking off Stretch Armstrong's boxers. What will I do with a live husband?!

Okay, so yeah, the years have pretty much flown by. I do have a wonderful husband who I would not trade for any amount of genitalia-less Stretch Armstrong dolls. Our son is talented, smart, kind and funny and does love me (when I keep my mouth shut and don't say embarrassing mom stuff) and I have a supportive extended family and a few dear friends. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, and a little extra to have fun once in awhile. So basically I am in a good place...but I want to be an even better ME.

And as we know, those years do fly so what better time to start than today. 40 is 118 days away. I plan to be well on my way to becoming a better me when that day comes and continue to spend the whole decade of my 40s being fantabulous, so that by the time my 50s arrive I will be fantabuloustically awesamazing!

Where to start? To become a better me I need to work on my health. Not just the physical but also my emotional, mental, spiritual, creative and financial health. I will spend time exploring each of these areas to figure out where I am at, and where I want to be. I will be starting with the physical because I have already pledged to join an online group in a 21 day cleanse, (More on that to come.) and will work on the other areas as they come up.

So join me on my journey to 40 and beyond!